Let's Party HA piece of cake
off to pick my sister up from work. 
Dance me off Syo. 

off to pick my sister up from work. 

Dance me off Syo. 

Staff: Ok Kurosaki-san, I know you like more rock music but what do you think of this? 

Ranmaru: *listens* 

Staff: *waits anxiously*

Ranmaru: hmm its kinda pop but… its NOT BAD

And that’s how track one was named.  



You know…it sort of grinds my gears the wrong way that someone who claims to be a massive hardcore Ranmaru fan just insulted the shit out of his two new sample songs saying they sounded bad and weren’t impressive at all.

I’m sorry but the company cannot cater to individuals who seem to want…

Did I listen a different clip? Cause from where I stand those were FUCKING AMAZING. 


FYI  I replayed his route cause its super hot. I never realized it but protag (Haruka) hints that she’s knocked up. LOLS. oh Ranmaru. Maybe impromptu Karoke sex wasn’t a good idea. Protag also implies that they didn’t leave the Karaoke room until morning… 


To be honest what I really hate is that I can’t have my Japan schedule. I liked going to bed at 4 in the morning and waking up at 10. I learned a few days ago that I can go back to that schedule soon. Which makes me so happy. I’m actually really productive during the night. but because I’ve had to wake up at 6:00 every morning to drive my mom to the other end of town then back. I come home for maybe 3 or 4 hours. Try to squeeze in laundry and other errands. Then go back out to pick up my sister from work and take her home then take my mom home. By that time I’m completely wiped out. I don’t want to work.

People tell me “Just take a nap” Clearly you’ve never lived with my mother. If I tell her “I’m going to take a nap please don’t bother me.” She will come in my room 10 times during that nap to wake me up for useless shit. She even purposely lets the cat out (I’ve heard her do it)  so that she can wake me up to go get her. I try to ninja naps in but once again, she hates it. She doesn’t like the idea of me napping and considers it “a waste of time” and tells me I’m “being lazy”. Does she nap? Oh yes. She falls asleep watching TV. 

I don’t know why but neither of my parents have ever liked me sleeping or using the toilet/showering. My dad would barge in the bathroom while I was in the shower and open the shower door to tell me about something I really didn’t care about. Or if I had a phone call. I told them time and time again. “If I am in the bathroom tell them to call back.” If I’m on the toilet my mom will open the door and tell me about something on the news that really doesn’t matter. She uses my cat as a catalyst. She makes the cat scratch the door so I open it and let her in. After opening it she says “Did you hear on the news about what happened?” and 9 times out of 10 it is about nothing that pertains to me or her. Blah blah blah whine whine whine. I want my old life back. I’m trying to create my own business but I’m stuck being everyone’s taxi. I’ve quit a good job and my school for this family and nothing gets better. I just want a chance to succeed. If being able to take a 2 hour power nap will do that for me. THEN JUST LET ME HAVE IT.

I HATE SLEEP. I MISS OUT ON SO MUCH BECAUSE OF IT! asoidjfsoidfjoisdjfoiasdjfoiasjdfoisdoifsdoifasoidfoisdf

Ranmaru Kurosaki (Tatsuhisa Suzuki) - WILD SOUL
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clip of “Wild Soul” 

Ranmaru Kurosaki (Tatsuhisa Suzuki)  - Not Bad
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Click of “Not Bad” from the upcoming single 

There is something endearing about someone you know that sings well, attempting to sing “not so good”. Its so cute. Here’s Maeno’s attempt. I like that he does well at points. Like he said to himself “fuck it. Its easier to sing on key.”




I’m sure they will be QwQ Camus’s voice cannot ever sing a bad song. -chuu-

This is very true. <3 I still want a RanCam duo. 


I can argue that point. He did a song where he was suppose to an unrefined amature singing. It was… interesting. Oh Maeno!